Technical Specifications

(Stone veneer weight psf & Thickness)

Styles Available:
Stone styles currently available are Country Ledge, Classic Cut, Canyon Ledge, Limestone, Castle Stone, Cobble, Fieldstone, Tuscan Fieldstone, Timberledge, Cathedral, River Rock, Brick, Antique Brick, Quick Fit, Natural Series, Natural Ledge, Quartzite Ledge.

In addition, we offer coordinating window treatments, including large and small treatments, keystones & sills. We also offer hearthstones, wall caps, and corner stones, as well as other miscellaneous accessories.

Canyon Stone is created with high-quality materials including portland cement, light-weight aggregrate, mineral oxide coloring, Micro-Silica and other additives.

Stone Veneer Thickness:
11/2 to 2 inches, varies by stone.

Stone Veneer Weight psf:
71/2 pounds per square foot

Color Retention:
Even after years of enduring harsh sun, rain and other ill effects of weather, our permanent oxide shading withstands the elements, leaving no fading or unwanted color change.

Absorption & Compression Strength:
We are tested and approved in accordance to industry standards.

Independent testing has proven the durability of our stone. We exceed building requirements.

50-Year Limited Warranty:
The Canyon Stone Company warrants its veneer products for 50 years against manufacturing defects when installed on buildings complying with local building codes and meeting manufacturer’s written instructions.

This warranty excludes deterioration caused from chemicals, paints, wall movement, building settlement, and discoloration from oxidation and contaminates. Coverage is limited to the original purchaser, does not include labor, and is limited to the repair or replacement of the product.

Lab Testing

Testing of our stone is performed in accordance with ICC AC51 by an accredited engineering firm.
Specimens were tested for various properties in accordance with AC51 sections 4.2 through 4.7.
Refer to test results table below.

stone veneer weight psf and other tech data
The freez/thaw test did not indicate any weight loss, cracking or brakage.

Based on the test data, the stone veneer meets the requirement specified in ICC AC51 sections 3.1.3 throgh 3.1.5


Become a dealer

If you are interested in adding to your existing line of products, Canyon Stone Canada offers dealership programs that fit all retailers – from small building material stores to highly specialized masonry companies.