Adding a touch of style to a commercial stone cladding

April 15, 2015

Commercial stone cladding have been steadily increasing in popularity over the past few years and now they’ve reached the commercial realm

Styling with commercial stone cladding

Many North American homes have been transformed by the elegance and rustic style that stone veneer products create. Recently there has been interest in stone cladding for commercial applications. Many businesses and restaurants are using manufactured stone veneer products to add a bit of style to their commercial spaces. Here are some tips to remember when using manufactured stone veneer in restaurants, businesses and public spaces.

Keep it simple: Vertical lines and neat geometric patterns are the most popular. This style of pattern works well in a commercial setting since it compliments modern decor. If the space has a minimalist and modern style choose stone veneer that fits easily and stacks up well. Although an organic textured stone veneer like Field Stone or Country Ledge might work well in a rustic high end restaurant in most cases it’s best to just keep it simple.

Don’t overlook the surrounding area: When using stone cladding within a house you have much more freedom than in a commercial stone setting. Every person’s home is a reflection of their own unique taste and personality. Stone veneer can be used to create a mood and completely transform a room with the purpose of giving it a new feel. With commercial stone cladding projects on the other hand, the aim is to attract customers, plain and simple. Use patterns that will make sense with the surrounding area. If a business is located in a commercial plaza and surrounded by other retailers take that into account. The decor of the others spaces will have an effect on how the stone veneer looks. Organic stone veneer textures can seem mismatched and out of place. Quick Fit and Natural Stone Ledge patterns work nicely in a plaza atmosphere. Their neat, geometric modern texture compliments the decor of most retail stores. Remember to keep it simple, neat and tidy.

Commercial Stone image

Commercial Stone

Pay attention to the decor of the space: With restaurants the challenge is different. High end dining will require a different look than the franchise eateries. This is where organic stone textures can work if used appropriately. For a dimly lit high end restaurant manufactured stone veneer like Canyon Ledge and Classic Cut patterns add that essential touch of elegance. If a restaurant has a rustic theme in mind then these stone veneer patterns will help anchor that aesthetic. For a more commercial look, suited to the chain restaurants and diners, choose neat and geometric patterns like Timber Ledge and Quick Fit. A popular style is to cover one full exterior wall with the stone veneer and apply stucco to the remaining area.