Decorating small spaces with stone veneer

April 15, 2015

Stone Veneer and small spaces.

Many individuals have asked if it is reasonable to use stone veneer products in a small spaces like guest rooms or secondary bathrooms. The answer is yes, but one must have a slightly greater understanding of interior design. Achieving equilibrium is a bit more difficult because of the smaller work space. Attention must be given to each area in order for the different textures to work in harmony. Here are some main points to keep in mind when using stone veneer in smaller spaces.

As with most projects sketch it out before you begin with the installation. Having a visual guide will help in the preliminary design and installation process. A sketch guide will also aid in the identification of any potential problems. This will save a lot of time during the installation process.

Quick Fit Ledge- Aspen Cream in the Bedroom image

Quick Fit Ledge- Aspen Cream in the Bedroom

Quick Fit Ledge- Aspen Cream in the Bedroom

After the sketch has been made it is time to think about how to include the stone veneer in a way that will not impede on any existing structures. The trick is to strike a balance between the existing texture and the potential added texture of the chosen stone veneer. Since the space is small the spectrum of balance rests on a fine line every inch must be taken to account. In a small bathroom for example the stone veneer should be used in the same way as piece of decoration. Think of using stone veneers as you would a painting or print. Each decoration adds colour and texture to a space in an effort to enhance the appearance of the existing structure. This is the role of the accent piece. It is the element within a room, hallway, bathroom, fireplace or kitchen that adds some zing to the otherwise neutral areas.

Being selective and proactive is essential. Choose the most appropriate type of stone veneer, one that will make sense in the space. Remember that stone veneer patterns are meant to create a texture when used together. The look of one single piece as opposed to two square feet or two hundred square feet will create a different aesthetic.

When choosing the stone veneer for the project keep in mind that smaller stones are easier to work with. Although it is possible to use larger stones like the Country Ledge it will involve more complex cutting and fitting. The Quick Fit Stone Veneer line works well here. It has become a popular choice for these kinds of projects.