Every Great Design Starts With A Sketch

April 14, 2015

Design your place first

A sketch of a project is a very important part in any design process. The more detailed the sketch the better picture your client will have on how the project will look once completed. At Canyon Stone Canada we try and stay as true to a illustration as possible. We rely on these sketches, once they received final approval, to begin on a design.

Design your place first image

Design your place first


As you can see from the image below, our outdoor living space closely resembled the drawing we did for our client.
At the start of each project we begin by interviewing the client and gathering details about materials, budget and vision. Next we take what we learned and put it to paper, or in today world, the computer. There might be several revisions between us and the client before a final sketch is approved. From there it is easy to translate the vision to actuality.