Garden Stone Siding

April 12, 2015

While you may have a long list of wishes for your ideal outdoor living space, starting with the foundation is the most logical first step. Designing the foundation of an outdoor space includes selecting a site, preparing the site (grading, etc.), and installing key structural elements such as decks, patios, fences, retaining walls, hearths, etc.

Stone is a common material used to create the foundations of outdoor living spaces because of its durability and natural appeal. Canyon Stone specializes in fabricated stone veneers, a stylish and affordable alternative to natural stone. The veneers, which are molded from native rocks, are applied as a finish to concrete, plywood, or cement board structures.

Can you tell the difference?

Garden Stone Siding image

Garden Stone Siding

This is an outdoor hearth finished with our Canyon Ledge stone veneers, which are created from hand-picked stones taken from the time-worn ledges and valleys of Wisconsin. Each stone type can be customized with our wide variety of colors, such as Santa Fe, seen here.

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