Home Improvement: Are you thinking about making an investment in your home’s interior?

April 17, 2015

Manufactured stone and brick veneer is increasingly becoming the product of choice for interior home improvement applications

Manufactured Stone veneer has become much more versatile in recent years by offering a wider array of textures, colours and styles.  Now industry professionals are also improving their designs and setting new trends using stone.

Stone Walls Around Winding Staircase image

Stone Walls Around Winding Staircase

Demand for interior home improvement applications using stone veneer has grown so much recently such that the Masonry Veneer Manufacturers Association (MVMA) annually honours winners in a variety of categories, including multiple categories for interior designs.  As reported in Architectural Stone & Landscape Design, the MVMA created the competition in 2010 to recognize the work of industry professionals who were setting trends by featuring manufactured stone veneer in their projects.

Some home improvement projects, you can actually tackle yourself, to increase your return on investment

Not all home owners are ready to hire a professional, but still wish to significantly enhance their home’s interior.  Manufactured stone veneers are the perfect match for the home owner who wishes to do-it-yourself.

In this four-part installation video Canyon Stone executives, Wylie Saulsbury and Brian Morrison, demonstrate how easy it is to install manufactured stone veneer to get a professional look without breaking your home improvement budget.  You can also visit the interior design gallery to see how manufactured stone is a perfect product for interior home improvement projects given that it is relatively light-weight and very easy to work with.

Stone or brick home improvement projects now go far beyond accenting an interior fireplace or cladding an exterior wall

If you are interested in hiring a professional, or investing more resources into a larger scale remodeling project, manufactured stone and brick veneer is increasingly being used for much more complex interior and exterior projects like enhancing whole outside living areas, or even highlighting an entire area inside the house such as an entry way or kitchen.

Due to consumer demand, manufactured stone now comes in a variety of textures, colours and shapes to offer homeowners a wide array of choices when choosing stone.  And, stone offers the consumer a level of elegance and boldness that other building materials do not offer.

Stone Fireplace in a Condo image

Stone Fireplace in a Condo

Canyon Stone Canada carries a variety of natural and manufactured stone products for interior home improvement projects. Popular product lines for the home’s interior include:

  • Natural Ledge:  Cut from sandstone, it is available in an interlocking modular tile format.
  • Quick Fit:  Available in two textures and easy to install.
  • Quartzite Ledge: Cut from quartz, it is perfect for interior or exterior applications.

Canyon Stone Canada Inc carries a variety of manufactured stone and brick veneer styles and colours for any type of home improvement project.  Visit one of our dealer showrooms and ask about their exterior and interior stone products.  For a free catalogue, or to locate a Canadian dealer near you, contact us.