How Durable Are Manufactured Stone Veneers?

April 14, 2015

There is a reason we place a 50-year limited warranty on our manufactured stone veneers, which are molded from real native stones found around the U.S. for an authentic look. We know they can stand up to plenty of wear and tear over time. Our stone veneers have been industry-tested for absorption, compression strength, and combustion and meet or exceed building requirements. They are made with high-quality Portland cement, light-weight aggregate, mineral oxide coloring, Micro-Silica, and other additives.

At 1.5 to 2 inches thick and weighing 7.5 pounds per square foot, stone veneers from Canyon Stone are more than just a decorative finish. They have staying power. Plus, each stone veneer project is finished in your choice of mineral oxide colors, which are a permanent shield against fading and damage from sun or rain.

How Durable Are Manufactured Stone Veneers image

How Durable Are Manufactured Stone Veneers?

With such high-performance durability, stone veneers can be applied to almost any building surface such as exterior siding, outdoor living spaces, and fireplaces.