Ledge Stone collection: Canyon Stone Canada carries a variety of natural stone panels

April 15, 2015

Canyon Stone Canada offers consumers one of the widest arrays of Ledge Stone products anywhere in Canada, which includes both natural and manufactured stone panels

For consumers that want that classic natural and irregular look that Ledge Stone products typically offer, Canyon Stone Canada carries two different natural stone panel products. They are produced in interlocking modular designs that make them easy to install. Natural Ledge stone panels Natural Ledge stone panels are produced from slate stone to show the innate beauty found in nature where extreme weathering takes place, such as the rock cut tombs in Petra, Jordan.

Natural Stone - Ledge Stone Panels image

Natural Stone – Ledge Stone Panels

The Natural Ledge stone panels that Canyon Stone Canada carries come in three popular colour choices:

  • Natural Ledgestone: Ivory
  • Natural Ledgestone: Rustic
  • Natural Ledgestone: Charcoal


Quartzite Ledge stone panels Quartzite Ledge stone is cut from quartz sandstone. It is also available in three popular colour choices:

  •   Quartzite Ledgestone: Snow White
  •   Quartzite Ledgestone: Oyster Shell
  • Quartzite Ledgestone: Midnight Black
natural ledge ivory image

natural ledge ivory

Canyon Stone Canada’s assortment of Ledge Stone products comprises more than natural stone panels.

A wider variety of Ledge Stone products are also available at Canyon Stone Canada for interior or exterior applications and they can be dry stacked or grouted.  These include the following:

      • The Canyon Ledge and Country Ledge product lines are individually manufactured Ledge Stones that can be installed in either a dry stack application or grouted.
      • The Timber Ledge and Quick Fit Ledge product lines are also manufactured stone products.  However, they come in panels to provide a dry stack look.  The easy fit panels make it a relatively simple product to install.

Canyon Stone Canada Inc. carries a wide variety of manufactured and natural stone veneers which includes, but is not limited to Ledge Stone panels.  Visit one of our dealer showrooms and ask about any of our various natural or manufactured stone products. To locate a Canadian dealer near you, contact us.