Limestone: the natural stone veneer that builders have used for centuries

April 16, 2015

Limestone is a versatile wall stone that has been used for both interior and exterior natural stone veneer applications (such as facade cladding) over the years, including famous buildings around the world.

Limestone was an excellent building choice for centuries because it offered builders a combination of endless durability, natural beauty and was relatively easy to carve or shape, which led to some impressive architectural results.

Canadian Museum of Civilization-Limestone natural stone facade cladding

Canadian Museum of Civilization-Limestone Wall Stone Quebec

Famous structures that utilized Limestone, include:

  1. Canadian Museum of Civilization, Hull, Quebec
  2. Confederation Hall, Parliament Building, Ottawa, Ontario
  3. The Empire State Building, New York
  4. The Palace of Westminster, UK
  5. The Colosseum, Italy

While the Canadian Museum of Civilization represents a very contemporary use of Limestone in a cold climate, the use of Limestone on the outside of the Great Pyramid of Giza and on many Greek temples represent examples of the use of Limestone as natural stone facade cladding solution in different climates and alternate applications. Interestingly, the Limestone used to clad the Canadian Museum of Civilization was quarried in Manitoba, which is just one example of how Limestone has a remarkable history in Canada.

Canada boasts multiple examples of famous buildings, from coast-to-coast where Limestone was used as wall stone veneer

Limestone was used in a wide variety of architectural wall stone applications, which include the Kingston General Hospital (Limestone City) and the Dominion Post Office in Stonewall, Manitoba, not to mention other natural stone provincial parliament buildings.

Limestone is versatile because it can be used as the primary stone facade for homes or even interior stone cladding. However, in some specific exterior wall stone applications, Limestone is used as natural stone facade cladding solution more sparing to add intricate details to the outside of the building as was the case with the Old Kamloops Courthouse, which was clad primarily in red brick.

Kamloops Old Courthouse, Kamloops, BC image

Kamloops Old Courthouse, Kamloops, BC

Natural stone facade cladding is increasingly becoming a design choice for Canadian consumers as their home’s primary cladding. Canyon Stone Canada is meeting that consumer demand by carrying a wide variety of manufactured and natural stone veneer wall stone. Perhaps you can draw your inspiration for your next exterior stone project by looking at some exquisite examples of how Limestone has been utilized across Canada and over time.

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