Man-made brick or virtual stone wall treatments make a bold statement in your home

April 16, 2015

When it comes to man-made brick or virtual stone products for your home, there is no more debating whether natural products are better than synthetic or composite products

Man-made artificial snow may not be more beautiful or better to ski on than natural snow, but artificial snow solved a problem for skiers and ski resort operators who were often disappointed by not having the quantity of snow they needed at the time they needed it.  Similarly, a revolution has taken place over the past few decades where man-made products for our homes have been steadily replacing some natural stones, bricks, granite or wood because of some specific design issues or product requirements that consumers had over time, that went unfulfilled by the natural products.

This has led to the rise of various industries where products that mimic nature have been produced to meet consumer demand.  This can be seen in multiple industries where man-made products were once only offered by a fledgling or virtually unknown company such as several decades ago when the only options for decks seemed to be pressure treated wood, cedar or mahogany until the first composite decking product was launched.  Consumers now have multiple man-made options for decking.


Virtual Stone Wall Treatments Toronto, Ontario

Increasingly, today’s consumer demand for man-made or virtual products can only be met by multiple manufactures or brands and newer and more specialized product lines are being launched regularly by those manufacturers as time goes on.  Examples of these industries include manufacturers of:

  1. Brick veneer
  2. Manufactured stone products
  3. Composite decking
  4. Quartz and other countertops
  5. Faux wood products
Man-Made Brick Wall Treatments - Toronto, Muskoka, Ontario image

Man-Made Brick Wall Treatments – Toronto, Muskoka, Ontario

Man-made brick and virtual stone wall treatments are perfect examples where using the man made versions of either brick veneer or wall stone is going to save precious interior space.  It is also hard to top using stone or brick on an accent wall or as a fireplace surround given the bold and beautiful statement it makes.

  1. Moulded from natural stone: Canyon Stone™ stone and brick veneer is hand crafted from moulds created using natural stone.  Each stone is hand-shaded for perfection of shape, texture and colour.  Corner stones are available in all styles to provide a more natural finish.
  2. Finishing Touches: Canyon Stone™ provides many unique accessories to complement your choice of stone or brick. These include keystones, soldiers, wall caps, pier caps, hearthstones and sills.
  3. Quality: Canyon Stone™ products have been industry-tested for durability, consistency and strength. Canyon Stone™ stands behind their quality product with a 50 year limited warranty.
  4. Installation: Quality installation of Canyon Stone™ veneers will ensure long-lasting, beautiful stonework for decades. It can be applied directly onto unpainted masonry surfaces such as brick or stucco or installed using metal lath to frame or metal construction. The process is relatively simple.
  5. Versatility: Canyon Stone™ manufactured stone can be used for both interior and exterior applications. Fireplaces, monuments, home façades, accent walls and retaining walls are just a few of the applications.

Canyon Stone Canada Inc carries various styles of manufactured stone and brick for interior wall treatments and fireplace surrounds that can be grouted or dry stacked in a variety of popular colours.  Visit one of our dealer showrooms and ask about our brick veneer or other manufactured stone product lines. For a free catalogue, or to locate a Canadian dealer near you, contact us.