Simplifying Installation of Complicated Individual Stones With Natural Ledge Panels

April 11, 2015

The “Sharply Dressed” Natural Ledgestone Home

Displaying a sharp mind in conversation and fashion often gets you noticed. So being “sharply dressed” will always reveal a degree of intelligence and taste for modern refinement. Natural ledge panels are one such contemporary stone offered by Canyon Stone Canada, with simple-to-install interlocking tiles that result in sharp-looking effects and cutting edge designs for today’s many architectural concepts.

Stone Veneer’s Beauty in Shading and Jutouts

The beauty lies in how one can utilize the shading of various out-juts protruding from the stone veneer in addition to the various colours provided from Quartz and Natural stones. For example, pot lights shining on ledges create fantastic shading at night and will “glitter” if the quartzite is installed. Imagine the effect you would have on people at your bar viewing a sparkling oyster shell back-splash amongst glass and bottle-ware or the lasting impression the shine of snow white on a reception desk will leave on clients entering and exiting a dental office.

Looking for a Natural Feel with Ledge Stone

Our rustic natural ledge stone panels immediately infuse a natural feel to the decor, providing higher authenticity to the clients of an establishment, such as a spa that offers clay and other natural remedies for body wellness. The same can be said of charcoal slate stone panels from the same line as the ideal material for any restaurant or steakhouse where food is specially grilled.

All of these ideas and in many ways the stones themselves convey a boldness that surpasses the dull and boring designs of yesteryear while merging with the stylish trends of today – all available at Canyon Stone Canada!

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