Stone Homes: Fieldstone has a rich history of use in Quebec

April 17, 2015

For centuries, fieldstone has been used to create stone homes, churches and other buildings in Quebec that are both charming and eye-catching

Since the 1500′s, Quebec settlers used the Fieldstone they had at their disposal to build wonderful churches and stone homes. These historical buildings still stand today as a testament to the permanence and beauty of the Fieldstone itself.

It can be quite helpful to look at the collection of historical and contemporary buildings in our own locales for inspiration.  There is something identifiable about the Fieldstone look.  However, new stone products offer the consumer different textures, shapes, colours and price points to choose from.

Stone homes can be clad in Fieldstone in either natural stone or manufactured stone veneer

Once the consumer has decided that they want the Fieldstone look, they should find a supplier who can offer both natural and manufactured stone veneer products.  This ensures that you can choose the right stone at the right price for your home improvement project. Natural stone is more expensive than manufactured stone, so finding a supplier of both will provide you the best options and comparisons.

Canyon Stone Canada carries three different stone products that offer a traditional Fieldstone look. This includes two manufactured stone veneer products and a natural stone veneer product:

  • Fieldstone- Moulded from natural stone found in the mountains of Colorado.
  • Tuscan Fieldstone-Mimics the charming feel of traditional fieldstone with a weathered look.
  • Tuscany Rubble- Quarried in Ontario, and cut to approximatelty1 ½” this natural stone product can offer the fieldstone look when only natural stone will do.

Canyon Stone Canda Inc carries a wide variety of manufactured and real stone and brick veneers. Visit one of our dealer showrooms and ask about any of our stone product lines.  To locate a Canadian dealer near you, contact us.