Stone veneer and kitchen interiors

April 12, 2015
Canyon Stone in the Kitchen Image

Canyon Stone in the Kitchen

Kitchen Designs with lightweight stone veneers.

The kitchen is a very important space within a home. It experiences heavy traffic multiple times a day and next to the living room it can be considered the focal point in the decor of a house. As a result kitchens are given special attention in the interior design process. They are usually the unifying cornerstone in a space, thus one must make wise decisions on how to decorate and furnish them in an appropriate manner.

Panel Stone Veneer in the Kitchen image

Panel Stone Veneer in the Kitchen

Every kitchen has a different feel and deserves its own individual style. What works for some may disrupt the unity of others. Stone veneer helps anchor the feel of the kitchen when used correctly. The best way to go about choosing the right stone veneer is to first establish a theme or feel that is best suited for your kitchen.
If for example you enjoy the look of sleek and modern furniture designs then the Quick Fit Stone Veneer line would work best. This is a specially cut stone veneer that is specifically designed for pairing up with contemporary furniture. The geometric neatness of the Quick Fit Stone Veneer line compliments the neatly cut lines of contemporary furniture.

Next, it is essential to decide on a colour that compliments the look of the kitchen. This is just as important as the texture because these two elements, colour and texture, work together to create a “feel” in a given space. If a kitchen is fitted with dark, monotone minimalist cabinetry then the best choice would be to select a Quartzite Stone Ledge hue like Midnight Black or Oyster Shell. Stone veneer with a monotone colour palette is best suited to coincide with black, white or grey furniture.

Canyon Stone Canada provides a generous selection of Stone Veneer cuts, so choosing a shape or hue that suites your taste won’t be a problem. The Canyon Stone catalog is a great place to start. There you’ll find a wide range of stone veneer and a great selection of colours to choose from.