Tips and advice on backyard stone veneer! Manufactured stones are very versatile products but there are some things to remember when using them outdoors.

April 16, 2015

Manufactured stones are very versatile products but there are some things to remember when using them outdoors.

Stone veneer is suited for transforming the look of any space. Whether it be in the kitchen, living room or backyard, manufactured stones have a way of adding a touch of elegance. Although stone veneer may look great anywhere, the method of installation varies with regards to the location of the project. When working outside there are a few extra factors to take into consideration. Here is a brief list of points to remember when installing manufactured stone veneer in an outdoor setting.

Rain and weather: the main difference between indoor and outdoor stone veneer products is the added factor of natural elements. When working inside there’s the added benefit of having the stone veneer permanently covered and protected from moisture. Stone veneer products that are installed outside are exposed to rain, ice and snow. As a result the outdoor installation process requires extra attention. One of the most important points to remember is to seal all the edges VERY thoroughly. When the grout line develops a crack this gives moisture an opportunity to creep into the dried mortar. Rain, ice and snow will continually expand a small crack, making it larger as time goes by. The danger here is that moisture can seep back far enough past the grout line to the point where the mortar that holds the stones together will be affected. When this happens the stone veneer can crack, chip and even detach from the mortar base. To prevent this from happening make sure to add a thick grout line in-between the stones. Use a mortar bag for added control and apply the grout evenly around the stone veneer edges making sure to cover any exposed surface.

Outdoor Cooking Area with stone veneer image

Outdoor Cooking Area with stone veneer

Outdoor surfaces: when working with stone veneer outdoors you must be conscious of the texture of every surface you will be applying the manufactured stones to. For houses with an exterior brick surface you can apply the manufactured stone veneer with some mortar directly. The mortar mix will be able to adhere to the brick surface without any problem. If the brick exterior surface has been sealed or painted then it is necessary to install a galvanized mesh that will sit in-between the treated brick surface and stone veneer product. Use steel anchors to hold the mesh in place, then apply a scratch coat to gives the quick set mortar something to adhere to. Be sure to maintain a thick grout line as mentioned earlier.

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