Wall Stone: Stone cathedrals, stone homes and Cathedral Stone

April 16, 2015

Yesterday’s stone cathedrals and today’s stone homes have more in common than one might think

Cathedrals, in medieval times and following, were even larger than castles and were also said to be much more important in the lives those who frequented them, whether they were rich or poor.  Cathedrals often drew people from miles away due to their grandeur and exacting craftsmanship.  Contemporary cathedrals were built by master craftsmen who used rudimentary tools, by today’s standards.  However, these buildings still possess much of their original beauty and mystique, often owing to the fine stone that was quarried locally to build them.

There are a number of cathedrals or churches that can be counted amongst the greatest architectural achievements ever by mankind.  These include the Salisbury Cathedral (below),  St Peters Basilica, Westminster Abbey and Saint Basil’s Cathedral, among others.

Salisbury Cathedral England-Wall Stone Homes image

Salisbury Cathedral England-Wall Stone Homes

The combination of superb stone, painstaking workmanship and contemporary architectural designs produced stunning works that were partly designed for “the greater glory of God” here on earth.  Such undertakings produced a sense of pride not only for those who funded or built them, but also produced a sense of amazement within those who travelled far and wide to see them.

“Cathedral Stone,” a manufactured stone product for exterior stone walls

Cathedrals, basilicas and abbeys have left a legacy that we still behold today with a certain sense of awe and wonderment.  “Cathedral Stone” is a manufactured stone product that is produced by Canyon Stone with that legacy in mind.  Cathedral Stone is moulded from limestone retrieved from ancient quarries in Europe and displays the Gothic strength and durability of ancient cathedrals built throughout Europe.  However, it is far easier to obtain nowadays than was the stone that had to be quarried years ago to build medieval cathedrals.

Perhaps you can draw inspiration for your next wall stone project by viewing some of Europe’s magnificent cathedrals and visiting Canyon Stone Canada

When it comes to exterior cladding for your home, Canyon Stone Canada can help you to achieve a remarkable look for your home’s exterior.  We have a striking and realistic “Cathedral Stone” product that is available in an assorted collection of colours that is sure to please even the most selective consumer.

Cathedral Stone - Morning Mist image

Cathedral Stone – Morning Mist

Canyon Stone Canada Inc carries a variety of manufactured stone products that can be grouted or dry stacked, in a variety of remarkable colours, for either exterior or interior wall applications.  Visit one of our dealer showrooms and ask about Cathedral Stone or other exterior stone product lines. For a free catalogue, or to locate a Canadian dealer near you, contact us.