Working with stone veneer in larger rooms

April 15, 2015

Decorating interior walls with stone veneer

Modern Living Room with Stone Veneer image

Modern Living Room with Stone Veneer

Stone veneer is a versatile, practical and visually appealing method of decorating a home interior and exterior. The ways with which to use the texture of stone veneer are plentiful and ever expanding. There are however some classic techniques to consider. Smaller rooms always require special attention since their limited space provides a small platform to work on. Larger rooms allow for greater versatility, as a result there are more options on how to use the stone veneer. Here are some examples of techniques that work well in large spaces:


modern room with stone image

Room with Stone

The cottage country look has become popular in the last few years. Decorating a living room or dining area in this fashion works well if there is enough space. The best way to achieve the Muskoka cottage aesthetic is by combining three elements: wood, stone and leather or fur upholstery. The wood and stone provide the natural feel of the space and leather and fur become the accent pieces in this situation.

Large projects like fireplace chimneys in an open concept living room, or even a full wall of stone work best in spacious rooms. The stone veneer can have a more prominent role in a room if the space is large enough to not be overpowered by the stone texture. Bigger stone veneer like Fieldstone or Natural Stone Veneer like Tuscany Rubble work best. Their large shape and size create a realistic looking pattern that compliments the wood.

Oldcastle Stone Veneer (Castle Stone or Cathedral Stone Veneer)

Formal dinning with stone veneer image

Formal dinning with stone veneer

The oldcastle look has also made its way into the sketches of interior designers. This type of stone veneer project works best in a large dimly lit room. The aim here is to make the space resemble a castle or cathedral as much as possible. Home owners who opt for this type of decor enjoy the romantic quality the oldcastle stone veneer look adds to the room. Practically speaking, this type of low light aesthetic works best in an open space like a kitchen, library, office or den.

Again, larger stones are preferred for this type of home decor project. We carry an oldcastle stone veneer that is chosen specifically for its rustic visual quality. Castle Stone and Cathedral Stone Veneer are designed to create the desired romantic setting described above. Their large shape and realistic hues create the desired medieval atmosphere. For more info on oldcastle stone veneer look go to