Lightweight Stone Veneer Installation

April 12, 2015

Getting Started on Stone Installation.

Stone Corner Installation image

Stone Corner Installation

Canyon Stone Canada
offers a wide range of stone veneer. These artificial or manufactured stones can be installed by anyone but they vary in difficulty. We have compiled a list of the essential tools and procedures required for any installation. Whether it is a simple indoor extension to the fireplace or a major outdoor renovation to compliment the stucco wall there are certain steps that apply to all stone veneer projects.

First and foremost one needs to be armed with the proper tools in order to complete the task. Some basic supplies you will need include: a diamond dust blade circular saw, a level and some safety equipment. Normal circular saw blades will dull very easily when cutting through our stone veneer so it is strongly recommended that you use a diamond saw blade. Not all stone veneer needs to be cut, but since our products vary in difficulty when it comes to installation so some stone will need to be trimmed in order to fit properly.

Tools for installing stone veneers image

Tools for installing stone veneers

A level will also be important to keep the stone veneers in line. Again, not all stones will need to be applied in a perfectly level manner. Natural stones don’t often appear in perfectly straight lines after all! However some of our contemporary and modern stone veneer styles require a level to achieve geometric harmony.

Most importantly, always remember to wear appropriate eye and face protection when working with our stone veneer. Safety glasses will prevent debris from causing potential injury to the eye while a face mask will block out the dust that is created when the stone veneer is cut. Knee pads help protect the knees from bruising and sharp pebbles. Working with gloves is also a good idea since they add an extra barrier to the stone surface and your skin.